Bonka Bird Toys Basket Swing

The Bonka Bird Toys 1914 Basket Swing is one of the best toys you can buy for your bird. It is made entirely of bird friendly material and helps them feel like they’re on a real nest.

The entire nest is a swing for the birds and will turn out be a fun activity for them. The basket swing ensures that they get enough exercise and activity as caged birds tend to eventually lead a sedentary lifestyle. The basket is made out of bird friendly cane material. This material is actually coveted by free birds and they tend to collect as much of it as they can when they are building their nests.

Normal pole and stick type swings have been used to encourage and increase activity in birds, the problem was that the birds often get too territorial about the swings and can use them as nothing more than swings.

The Bonka Bird Toys 1914 Basket Swing, on the other hand, is like a giant swing that is shaped like a community room for birds. It provides a place for them to gather together and allows them to play and exercise likes a normal swing.

This 6 inch wide by 8 inch high bird swing is colorful and a definite luxury upgrade for your favorite feathered friends. It’s a multi-purpose swing that has enough space for many birds to play in comfortably and is quite easy to clean.

You can even fill a smaller bowl with bird feed and place it in the swing so the birds can use it as a feeding area; it is not advisable to do the same with the water bowl.

The Bonka Bird Toys 1914 Basket Swing is ideal for small and mid-sized birds to climb around and play in.

It is a great addition to the cage for owners that have many small birds or even just for one Parrot or two.

Smaller sized birds like Parakeets and love birds can all crowd into it and play together. It is a great instrument to help birds get along as birds in cages tend to fight with each other a lot as well.

While various other bird toys like wooden stands and boring normal swings also exist, these get marked by the alpha bird and cannot be used by any other bird while the alpha is around, the Bonka Bird Toys 1914 Basket Swing on the other hand is too big to be marked as personal territory by anyone bird even if it is the alpha. This ensures that all the birds will get a chance t swing on it regardless of the other birds on the same swing with them; all in all, it is like a community park for birds.

The basket itself adds a classy touch to any sort of ambiance and the wood like cane makes the birds more comfortable truly giving them a sense of ease. Although it does not compare to real trees for them it can really seem like they are closer to nature, a miniature plant or leaves placed in the basket can really make a difference as well.

The Bonka Bird Toys 1914 Basket Swing can really make a difference to the well being of your birds and truly brighten their lives up.

Living World Cuttlebone For Pet Birds

Birds like cockatiels require calcium for their beaks, bones to remain healthy. Unlike birds who fly freely and can find calcium, mineral sources from natural sources, the bird owner has to supply the required minerals, calcium to the pet birds who are confined to cages. One of the more popular supplements and bird toys for cockatiels and other birds is the Living World Cuttlebone, large sized twin pack available for sale at Amazon. In addition to cockatiels, buyers are using the cuttlebones for feeding other pet birds like parakeets,lovebirds, for other pet animals like snails and hermit crabs, who require calcium, and also for other purposes like making a powder for calligraphy and illumination.

The cuttlebones which vary in size are up to 7 inches long, half an inch thick, and provide minerals and calcium to the cockatiels and other birds kept in cages. For breeding and laying eggs, the birds require enough calcium in their diet , so the cuttlebones are providing the calcium required for the eggs. The cuttlebones are natural, they are not coloured with dyes and do not contain any additives, which can be hazardous for the health of the bird in the long term. Some birds do not like coloured cuttlebones with additives, so these cuttlebones are ideal for birds who are fussy eaters. Since the cuttlebones are derived from natural cuttlefish, they are completely natural making it the ideal source of food.

The cuttlebones are also a toy for the birds, who are kept busy pecking at the cuttlebones to keep them occupied in the cage. The naturally rough surface of the Living World Cuttlebone will help in keep the beaks of the bird sharp and trim, as the external layers of the beak wear way during pecking at the cuttlebones. The birds can also chew on the cuttlebones. For smaller birds or for a number of cages, the cuttlebone can be broken into a number of pieces and given to birds, especially if they are in different cages. The cuttlebones can also be ground into a powder and used as a nutritional supplement for the birds and other animals.

To make it easier to place the Living World Cuttlebone in the cage, a clip is provided along with the twin pack of large size cuttle bones. The clip or holder can be fixed to the cage bars after bending the prongs backward , checking the instructions and image provided with the packaging . The holder can be reused after the cuttlebone has been consumed by the birds in the cage. Though the cuttlebone will have the smell of cuttlefish, the odor will usually reduce after a period of time and is far less smelly than most other cuttlebones in the market. Some customers have noted that the living world cuttlebone is lasting longer than cuttlebones from other sources.

Most customers who purchased the cuttlebones on Amazon and their pet birds are happy with the product The Living World Cuttlebone twin pack is delivered quickly after it is ordered online and the price is cheaper than that available in most pet stores

Super Bird Creations Seagrass Foraging Wall Toy for Birds

In the wild, birds spend more than 70% hours of daylight foraging. Foraging is an act of searching and finding food and it is a part of bird’s daily routine. Foraging is an instinctual behavior which is vitally essential for the mental well-being of birds like parrots, parakeets and other similar birds taken as pets. But when you keep birds as pets and give them food ready in a bowl, the readily available food gradually overcomes their innate ability to forage. This is why it is important to have some foraging toys in your bird’s cage so as to make sure their foraging behavior doesn’t disappear over time.

Here, we have reviewed one such amazing Super Bird Creations Seagrass Foraging Wall Toy for Birds. This stimulating toy is designed with a motive to satisfy the foraging desires of your pets. It has several elements to keep your bird busy and entertained at the same time.

Construction of the Wall Toy:

This amazing toy is smartly engineered with a grid made of seagrass and various chewing toys are attached all across the grid to attract birds. Birds can easily climb and chew their way to the toys attached here and there. Seagrass is safe to chew and offers unlimited fun to birds along with the myriad of toy textures and shapes given with the product. It is a large, thick, high-quality and reasonably priced product.

There are pod cups and plastic wheels integrated into the toy where you can insert seeds or your bird’s favorite treats to give them some quality foraging time. Other outstanding and attracting attachments include rings and squares that will definitely keep your birds from plucking themselves. All the toys that are shown in the picture come along with the product only.

The toy can be easily hooked to the wall of a cage where it gives a sense of shelter to the bird. You can install it in no time and give your bird a remarkable toy to play with.

Who This Toy Is Best For?

From Cockatiel to African gray and Senegal to Eclectus, this toy is cool for any large bird. However, for smaller birds like parrot-let, parakeet and others, it will prove to be quite big. Large birds will spend most of their time methodically deconstructing and chewing it. They will forage for the hidden nuts in the wooden wheels and will be encouraged for a lot of movement and exploration.

Benefits of this Foraging Wall Toy:

· It is a well-made, high quality and reasonably priced toy for larger birds.
· Colorful elements and sea grass used in the toy are very attractive.
· This toy will make sure that the foraging desires of your pet birds are easily fulfilled.
· The clips on this toy are easily removable and adjustable and the back wall has several squares for smooth climbing.
· It prevents feather plucking in birds which are habitually developed in birds when they have nothing to do in their cages.

So, go ahead and encourage foraging in your bird with the help of this great toy!

Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy

Dogs are notorious for chewing up shoes and furniture. But, many first time bird owners will quickly learn that they are just as vulnerable to the instinct to chew.

I have a parrot, Yago. He is by far the smartest individual I’ve ever met – including some of my human friends. He can break out of any cage, pick any lock and is a better guardian than any watchdog I’ve heard of.

He was a surprise. My brother found him on a construction site he was working on and Yago was up in a tree. After only a few calls, Yago willingly landed on his arm and stayed with him all day. That night, my brother brought him to me knowing that his wife wouldn’t be happy about the adoption. So all of a sudden, I was a new bird owner.

We posted a few signs around and put some alerts up on social media but no one claimed him. Meanwhile, I went to the pet store and got him all the accessories.

I never thought of a bird needing a chew toy.

Until I started realizing marks in the paneling around my house. At first, I couldn’t figure out what could be happening. First the window sill, then the corners of the hallway… until one day, I caught him red beaked!

I looked into a little a bit to try and find a way to train him to stop. On the contrary, I learned that birds have just as much of an instinct to chew as any other pet. It feels good for them to chew. Plus, it supports healthy beak strength and growth. Even if he could be trained, he wouldn’t be healthy for him. Not to mention, it is fun and mentally stimulating for the birds.

This made me even more worried. If he was going to chew, what if he moved on to more dangerous things like electrical wires or something that has chemicals on it.

The next best solution was to find a way to re-direct the chewing. Luckily, I found a wide range of bird toys that promote healthy and safe chewing alternatives to my walls.

I tried a bunch of different toys and I finally found one that Yago loved. After only a couple weeks of introducing him to new toys, I found the Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy.

Yago played with that thing for hours on end. It even distracted him a little from the people who were walking past the window (I live on the first floor of an apartment building and his watchdog tendencies did not make me a very popular neighbor).

After I adopted Yago, I found some friends who were also bird owners and I recommended the Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy and it was popular and recommended across the board.

The reasons I like the Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy is that it is free of beads and other small parts that may be a choking hazard. Those can also be a risk with any toys that don’t shred. You want to make sure they can pull it apart and do so safely, otherwise it’s not as fun. The donuts are various shapes and sizes so that it keeps them interested and entertained for days.

The donuts do not splinter. The soft wood lasts a while too, so I don’t have to replace it nearly as often as some of the other toys. It is affordable and there is nothing to set up (besides making sure the string is tied really well at the bottom before attaching it to the cage wall or even just laying it on the floor).

They come in all different sizes too so you can pick the right one that is comfortable and fun for your bird. It’s even referred to as Bird-Nip.

Another very important factor is the materials the toy is made of. You need to make sure it is environmentally safe to make sure it isn’t cleaned or made with chemicals that could be hazardous. The Wesco Pet Kabob is 100% bio-degradable and safe for the environment.

With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon from over 700 verified purchase reviews, it is clearly a preferred choice of bird owners. We all agree that it is by far, the coolest bird toy ever made.

Vktech Cage Hammock Swing Toy Review

vktech-cage-hammock-swing-toyBirds are extremely intelligent and curious creatures. We all love our birds and often buy birds toys to amuse them. In fact, it is a proven fact that adding a toy to their cages can make them happy and prevent boredom. Some will even say that they will eat better, similar to what do bearded dragons eat.The way how our birds involve with toys truly delight us. So, this is indeed the best way to make sure your birds don’t develop bad habits like plucking their feathers and all. Here, we have rounded up an in-depth review of one of the amazing hanging toys for your birds.

Vktech Pet Bird Parrot Parakeet Budgie Cockatiel Cage Hammock Swing Toy Hanging Toy

Your cockatiels are going to love this wood and metal swing toy. They will love swinging on it side-to-side or even sleeping on this amazing and well-made hanging toy. This is a colorful swing with each wood log colored differently with vibrant colors. The set is made sturdily so it can take a lot of beating from your bird on a regular basis. Although the chains that are used for hanging the swing are a bit shorter, you can easily extend the chains with longer clips. The length of the chains is also perfect when it comes to giving this set to either cockatiels or parakeets alike. Even two cockatiels can comfortably sit together on its wider platform.

Key Features of Vktech Hanging Toy

· The package includes a total number of five pieces.
· The size of the swing is perfect for most of the pet birds including parakeets, parrot-lets, lovebirds, and cockatiels.
· The installation of this toy inside the cage is super easy and takes few seconds only.
· The dimension of the toy is 11.8cm by 10cm that is well-suited for all the small and medium sized varieties of birds.
· Vegetable dyed perches are used in the fabrication of this toy along with pony beads in superb bright colors.

Drawbacks of this Hanging Toy

One of the most common drawbacks of this toy reported by the real-time customers is the fact that it is made in China. They found it very easy for the dye to come off of the wood. Moreover, the metal used in the construction of the swing toy is steel and not stainless steel. But apart from these cons, the swing set is very popular among the birds-owner. Birds truly love swinging on this toy which prevents dullness and tedium. They will immediately take to this colorful swing as soon as you install it in their cage.


This bird toy features everything exactly the way it claims. It is bright and wide enough for small and medium sized birds. Chains are light and impressively flexible. Overall, this is a great toy that comes at a great price. In order to make it safer, you can cover the painted parts with vet tape if your bird has a sharp beak and loves chewing up toys. This durable swing toy is an awesome addition to almost any bird cage at your home.

Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Wheel Review

creative-foraging-systems-foraging-wheel-6-inch-diameterIf you have a pet parrot, you would know that these birds have a natural instinct for foraging. Foraging is basically the instinctive behavior of birds for searching and obtaining their food. They forage to survive and grow to maturity. But when birds are kept as pets and far away from their natural environment, how do they maintain their foraging behavior? It’s simple! There are incredibly creative foraging systems created for pet parrots. These systems are user-friendly, cost-effective and outstanding feeding companions for your parrots. Here, we have rounded up a review for a well-designed, nicely-built creative foraging systems foraging wheel, 6-inch diameter.

Construction of the Wheel

This is one of the best foraging toys that are intently devised to provide a fun but challenging way of acquiring food for most of the pet parrots. The toy makes sure that the parrot doesn’t involve in undesirable behaviors like feather picking and extreme screeching because most of its time is consumed in foraging food. Hard-wearing and highly durable poly-carbonate is used in the fabrication of this 6-inch foraging wheel. It is easy to clean and effortlessly installed. There are different chambers on the wheel where you can fill a variety of items. The birds can make their own selection according to the taste and preference.

Who this toy is perfect for?

From Larger Conures to Small Cockatoos, Caciques to Mini Macaws and Amazon Parrots, this toy is perfect for all these birds kept as pets. When your birds will daily forage for their food, it will ensure that their natural instinct remains alive. It also reduces boredom significantly. And you will notice yourself that birds really prefer working for obtaining their food.

How is it attached to the bird chamber?

The mounting bracket is there to attach the system to the cage bars and then the wheel is attached to the bracket. The Large plastic nut is given along with the product that easily screws into the main part through the bars. Uninstalling the system is also easy and takes few seconds. It comes in three different pieces which can be even installed in glass cages.

How beneficial it is?

This foraging wheel for all medium and large parrots works exceptionally well as a daily feeder. However, the holes of this system are a bit smaller and thus it cannot be used for treat foraging. It becomes quite difficult for the birds to peck parrot size berries out of its small holes. You can intelligently fill its compartments with seeds and other things so that your bird has to work a little for finding the food.

The concept behind this foraging system is really good. The birds may take a little while before getting used to this idea but because it is natural to them, they will enjoy the tasks for sure. Thus, there are numerous benefits of this reasonably priced foraging system in terms of maintaining bird’s instinct and giving them something where they can work for food.

Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds

s-l500Having pets around makes the house and its ambiance cheerful and joyous, be it any type or kind of pet. Dogs make you feel secure and sound whereas birds make you feel happy with their chirpiness and tiny ensemble. While having them around spreads an ample amount of tranquility, it is important to take care of them and ensure that they feel the same, instead of showcasing a feeling of not being free. Dogs can be happily occupied with regular walks, exercise and simple objects such as balls and sticks. But the problem lies when you have a bird around. They are not easily pleased and you definitely would not have them stuck in a cage.
In that case, Super Bird Creations has created the Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds which is just the right catch for your bird. It is composed of a mat which hangs with the help of colorful strings and forms just the right “happy place” for your bird. Let us take a look at the key features and description to know more about the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds and why it is a must buy for your pet birds.

Key Features and Description:

There are many impressive features in the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds that will make you want it for your little buddies. Let us take a look at some of these.
· Colorful chains and strings suspend to hold a sea grass mat that hangs in the air which is very comfortable for your bird.
· The suspensions include a set of interesting objects such as colorful beads, porcupine balls, chains and links that enhance a feeling of gaiety and playfulness for your bird.
· The mat also works as a swing that adds to the joy of the bird when it moves.
· It is perfect for almost all sizes of birds, ranging from parrot lets, parakeets, cockatiels, love birds and much more.
· The Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds is designed in such a manner that it is absolutely safe for your birds to play with. All the materials used to assemble this product are a bird- safe since safety is the most important factor in any product.
· Along with play, this product also induces exercise for your little bird. It helps your bird learn to develop coordination as well as balancing skills.
· The cage connector used is a pear link type of cage connector.
· The assembly of the product in itself is so attractive and colorful that it induces a feeling of happiness and promotes the same for your pet.

The key features of the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds help your pet bird be happily occupied. Although all the elements form an important part of the whole toy, the porcupine balls, and vivid textures are noticed to be the most favorite amongst the pet birds along with the swinging motion.


The Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds weighs 4 ounces. The product dimensions are 6 X 7 X 9 inches and it was launched in April 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Being a simple and easy to use the product, there are yet some queries associated with the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds that are most commonly asked by users.

Q. Is the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds a suitable size for all birds, namely Conures and Quakers?
A. This product is a suitable size for all types of birds from small to medium sized. Quakers can be accommodated efficiently but not all types of more than a medium size of Conures could fit into it.

Q. Are the links, charms and porcupine balls which are assembled together safe for all types of birds?
A. Birds are seen chewing and scratching on the links, strings, and porcupine balls but there are no issues and they are absolutely safe. No choking issues either.

Q. How many small sized birds can fit in the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds?
A. Generally, a small to medium sized bird along with its 2 to 3 small sized babies can fit in, but it still depends on what type and size of pet bird you have.

Q. Since the mat is porous, are there any specific issues with the seagrass mat?
A. The “open weave” design of the seagrass mat is designed keeping in mind the sharp claws and nails of the birds. No specific issues arise in the mat and the birds can play safely on it without their nails getting caught in the pores of the seagrass mat. Birds might, however, chew and damage the mat which would need a replacement. There are refill platforms available too in case of a replacement. These are available in the same, sea grass and jute or a plastic made mat or platform.

Q. What about medium and larger sized birds?
A. The same model is available in a larger size to accommodate any of your larger pet birds with the same design, colors, and functionality.

Q. Which other types of birds can be accommodated in the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds except for small parrots, parakeets, lovebirds, and cockatiels?
A. Other than the above-mentioned birds, all small or medium sized birds can be accommodated in this toy such as Zebra finches, budgies, and Conures.

To sum it up, the Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds is definitely a heads up to keep your pet bird occupied and let it have a leisure time. Specially designed keeping in mind the traits and structure of birds, it forms the ultimate play toy along with an exercising device for your little birds. The Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds is a colorful and joyous toy for your little pet birds which they will simply adore.

Penn Plax Wood Bird Playpen

penn-plax-wood-bird-playpenBirds are playful and curious by nature. When looking to explore things, pet birds usually gnaw or chew any object they can find. To prevent your avian friends from becoming restless, bored, aggressive or stressed out, get the Penn Plax wood Bird playpen for your little pet. This activity toy for pet birds will keep your pet bird engaged with physical activities and allow your pet to work the feet and beak when climbing and exploring.

Penn Plax Wood Bird Playpen: Features

Featuring ladders, rope perches, bells, swings and toys, this bird playpen is a fully loaded activity center that can help your bird stay active all day. Placing the playpen on the top of the cage will not only give your bird a change of scenery, but will also allow your pet to play, spread their wings wide and interact with you. Available in different sizes, small, medium- ideal for Parakeets and small birds, large for Cockatiels and Parakeets and extra large for small parrots and cockatiels, this bird toy is one of the best gifts you can give your little pet bird.

Why should you buy Penn Plax Wood Bird Playpen?

Living out of the cage helps caged birds stay happy and physically fit. Buying a wood bird playpen for your pet gives your pet an opportunity to spread out their wings, attempt climbing a rope chain, tackle challenging ladder configurations and also enjoy time on a swing. It not helps keep your pet entertained for extended periods of time, but also helps provide an acrobatic outlet for birds

A word of caution:

Playpens are a great medium that can help a bird spend time outside the cage. However, when your pet is playing in the playpen, ensure that the bird is supervised. Birds who are not monitored when they are left free can often climb up onto cages of other birds, or gain access to household dangers such as lead or toxic items(window putty or leaded glass) or toxic plants, endangering their lives.

Bird toys are one of the best ways to keep your pet bird from becoming bored and stressed out. A bird that is stressed can be destructive to the surroundings or to itself. Buying a Penn Plax Wood Bird playpen for your pet bird will not only help keep him or her distracted and placated in a healthy, proactive way, but will also help make your pet’s life more interesting and rewarding.

Bird Kabob Chiquito Chew Toy

bird-kabob-chiquito-chew-toyBirds typically want to chew; it is an instinct many of them share. Currently, there is the Chiquito Large Bird Kabob Chew Toy that is made for this purpose.


The Chiquito Large Bird Kabob Chew Toy will not only entertain the bird but will also keep it busy meaning you can attend to other things. The toy, which is made from agave (cactus wood), comes in the form of chunky stacks tied together. You may also find the toy made from other materials parts that are fashioned in various configurations and shapes. The toys are also biodegradable and this a great advantage if you want to keep the home neat and green. Some of them are colored so as to capture the interest of the birds. Mostly, there will be three stacks of the Bird Kabob Chiquito chew toy which mean your bird will have three times the fun. There is also a sisal rope that can help to hold things together. The materials make it possible for the birds to shred, chew or munch the toys as they enjoy themselves throughout the day.


The colorful bird toys also come in various designs and among these is the tripod design. They have several mini sized discs. Some people describe them as “Catnip for Birds.”

How to use

To ensure the bird gets easy access to the Bird Kabob Chiquito chew toy, you should place it by a safe perch. Alternatively, you can hang it next to the center of the bird’s cage. This will help the bird to climb as well as swing around while chewing the toy.


The dimensions of the product are 3.5 x 3.5 x 11 inches; 1.4 ounces. The ideal weight for shipping the toy is 1.6 ounces. Here, it is advisable to read the shipping policies and rates before you start the process. You can find the product in select countries, and the international shipping process can help you with this.

Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy

paradise-knots-block-chewing-toyLooking for something colorful to entice your Love Bird or Cockatoos? You must look out for the Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy. The multi-color toy build up is large enough to occupy your bird pet. This toy can both entertain and teach your pet bird in a thoughtful way with its puzzle looking layers arranged from top to down. Depending on the size you may buy, you can find a nice place in your apartment to hang the toy since it occupies a very manageable space.

All Sizes

The paradise knot block chewing toy is designed to include all sizes. You can choose to go in for the small size, the medium or even the large size. There are also those sizes that are larger than the large sizes, just in case it catches you fancy. What is exciting about it is the fact that all of the sizes are designed with the same quality materials and you won’t throw your money away in anyway.

Collection of colors

Colors add harmony to a background. Very attractive colors can draw about thousands of views to it. Which color do you think can attract your love bird? The paradise knots block chewing toy has been designed with a lot of color collections which can entice and at the same time entertain the pet as well as add a relaxing ambience altogether.

Quality materials

The block chewing toy is designed with top quality fabrics or materials and so it’s long-lasting. The materials used are 100% cotton including the rope, which is a sisal rope. The sisal rope knots can be untied easily when you wish to change its initial location or move it from one place to another.

Great Block Chewing and Preening toy

With the gentle looks, it easily attracts that intelligent bird of yours. There are different types of this chewing toy with different designs and coloration’s in the market today. This Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy stands out smart looking, great and easy to be operated upon.

The Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy is fairly affordable. It is a great toy for a great price and considering all the features it comes with, it is safe to say it is on top of its league.

It features a simplistic design and sparkle which makes it very attractive and a piece of entertainment for your bird.

Perhaps it should be pointed out that although it has been made out from the finest materials, when your bird is that destructive type, your material may only last for some few days. Additionally, you need to get a befitting cage for it. If your cage is just too small for the large size, it wouldn’t fit it and the bird can even be frightened.

Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy has gained a 4.5 stars rating on Amazon and excellent reviews to its name. There can never be a better gift for your pet bird so head down to your nearest store and pick this toy today and you might have made an indelible mark in the life of your little birdie. You will only be split for choice when it comes to the color combination but once you have decided the perfect fit for you, then you are fixed.